Limboski & Rev. Ray are a combination of two thriving artists living in Berlin. Michal Limboski is from Poland where he began his journey of musicianship. He has released 8 albums of original music. In 2016 he was signed with Sony Music, subsequently releasing two albums garnering him recognition as an alternative-pop artist in Poland. Raymond Thompson also nicknamed Rev.Ray is from New York City, has traveled the world singing Gospel, Blues and Pop. He has shared the stage with top performers including Mariah Carrey, BB King and recently on the Herz Kraft Tour with Sarah Connor. This songwriting duo brings a different attack to music, filtered through their cultural heritages. Limboski & Rev. Ray developed out of hope. A hope that cultures no matter how different, could find common ground through music. Which has never been more important, as we look at the current climate. What actually occurred was shocking, we found that not only did we find a common ground through music, we challenged each other to be better artist. That’s how Limboski & Rev. Ray came to exist. Duality is a alternative folk, gospel, and soul blend of musical songs that challenges the norms and sometimes limitations of music. We have created a album of music that we believe traverses the hardships, love and joys of life.

Baby Don't You Wanna Come

Watch the music video where we showed the recording process and a bit of Berlin's nightlife!


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